Allison Bajracharya for LAUSD School Board

It is essential to have someone on the board who is walking in the shoes of a half million families every day. Allison’s children attend their local LAUSD elementary school. Allison would be the only board member who is a parent of school-age children. As a mother, she is connected to what is happening in LAUSD schools from homework to school safety.

Allison Bajracharya understands education. She has spent her career dedicated to families and schools. She began as a teacher in a New Orleans public high school and now serves as a leader for a charter school network in Los Angeles. In between, she served on the team of LAUSD board member Marlene Canter, worked for Teach for America, and supported families and students through her work at the California Charter School Association (CCSA)

At a time when LAUSD is facing serious fiscal challenges, teachers are poised to strike, and the vast majority of students are not reading or doing math at grade level, students, families and teachers need an advocate for change. Allison Bajracharya has the experience and knowledge to stand up for our students, families, and teachers. At CCSA, Allison led efforts to expand the number of special education students served by charter schools, she increased parent voice, and she pushed to close charter schools that were not performing well. Students and families deserve schools that serve all students well.