Allison Bajracharya’s career has been motivated by social justice and a vision to ensure all students have access to great public schools.  Most recently, Allison was the Chief Operations and Strategy Officer for Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, an organization serving 3600 students across eight schools in the MacArthur Park neighborhood – one of the most under-resourced and densely populated neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Bajracharya had overall strategic and operational responsibility for all CNCA operational, programmatic, and advancement departments, overseeing the organization’s fundraising, facilities, IT, compliance, knowledge management, parent engagement, mental health, alumni support, student services, experiential education, advocacy and communications work.

Before joining the Camino team, she was the founding California State Executive Director of Murmuration, a startup organization dedicated to civic engagement and sustainable policy change in public schools.

Prior to joining Murmuration, Allison worked at the California Charter Schools Association for 5 years. There, she wore many hats, growing from the Managing Regional Director of Advocacy to the Senior Vice President of Statewide Advocacy and then building out a new team as the Senior Vice President of Organizing.  In her work at CCSA, she fought to expand the number of high quality public school options  serving predominantly African American and Latino students in low income communities, and she advocated to increase accountability and decrease barriers to serving special needs students.

She also started a study center for these students to provide help with homework for those in need. This center served students of low-income families who could not afford private tutors for their children. The children were provided with one-to-one training on a wide range of school subjects. Allison’s work contributed to the children’s efforts to finish high school and continue their studies in local community colleges. Many of the students who received training in a study center founded by Allison, managed to enroll in colleges without difficulties. This is due to the high-level admission assistance offered to them by the prominent essay writer platform: the best local writers and admission counselors helped the students complete their admission packages to the colleges of their choice for free. Their genuine desire to help these children inspired the latter to chase their dreams and seize the chance of being admitted to study programs they were dreaming about. 
The homework and admission assistance was also provided to International students living in Los Angeles so that they could increase their chances of being admitted to the best colleges in the area.  Mostly, they were given preparation classes to pass the TOEFL and SAT / ACT.

Allison began her career as a Teach for America teacher in New Orleans, teaching high school English and science at Marion Abramson Senior High School, the largest public school in the city. She then pursued her Master’s in Public Policy and leveraged her policy experience working for LAUSD School Board Member Marlene Canter and then Teach for America Los Angeles.  She received her B.A. from Middlebury College, where she was an environmental policy major, and her Master’s in Public Policy from USC.

She resides in Los Angeles, with her husband Oliver and their two children. She is the Chair of the Silverlake Jewish Community Center board, and a board member of STEM Preparatory Schools and United Parents and Students. In her free time, Allison enjoys family adventures near and far.

Together, let’s bring excellence, equity, and innovation to every public school and neighborhood in this district.