I don't just want the best for my kids—I want the best for all of our kids.

Dear Friends and Partners,

I have dedicated my career to improving public education. Starting out as a public school teacher, I have spent nearly two decades fighting for excellence and equity for kids with some of the greatest needs. And, now, as a public school parent, this fight has become even more personal. When only 12 of 100 LAUSD ninth graders graduate from college, we must do better—for all kids.

The stakes are high and the time is now. The LAUSD School Board needs an advocate for change with the knowledge of an educator and the perspective of a parent. That’s why I want you to be the first to hear that I am running for LAUSD School Board in District 5. I don't just want the best for my kids—I want the best for all of our kids.

Our campaign is launching with that mission today. Will you join us with a donation of $100, $50, or $25?

My husband, Oliver, and I send our children to our neighborhood LAUSD school just down the street from our home.  We have been lucky to watch them thrive there and are grateful for the amazing teachers they have had. Our nine year-old daughter comes home buzzing about class conversations and assignments—her current obsession is insects.  Our second grade son is not quite as excited, especially about his homework, so we navigate the latest math challenges together and stay in close touch with his teacher.

As a mother, I’ve experienced the ups and downs, successes and challenges that go with raising kids, fostering their love of learning, and ensuring their safety—just like the half million families who send their kids to LAUSD’s public schools every day. I know how lucky my family is to have a great public school in our neighborhood and I want every family in every neighborhood in this district to have access to a public school that meets the needs of their students.

I am eager to get to work on behalf of LA's over half a million students, but I know I cannot do it alone. And I cannot win this election alone, either. That's why I am so proud of the support our campaign has already received—more than 120 parents in this district signed on in support of my candidacy—and why I'm so hopeful you will join our effort, too.

Your early contribution will provide the grassroots support we need to get going. It is so important that we do—our kids are counting on us. I look forward to the days and weeks ahead, and I hope to be working with you, campaigning on behalf of all of our families.

All in for All Kids,

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Allison Bajracharya

Allison Bajracharya