Call on Sacramento

For decades, the state of California has underfunded our public education system. The consequences of the stalemate in negotiations for LAUSD teachers has reached a crisis point where the Superintendent claims there is no money and the teachers will not return to work until class sizes are lowered and the amount of support staff is increased. There is truth to the argument of both sides. We need smaller class sizes, more mental health counselors, and more support staff so teachers and administrators can focus on quality instruction for all students. And we cannot afford for our students to miss another day of school, and the safety, learning, and stability that comes with it.

It is for that reason we are calling on the new California Governor to use his courage, clout, and resources to resolve the underlying financial issues that led to the strike. Governor Gavin Newsom, as parents, community members, and students we are united in calling on you to save the day.

Allison Bajracharya

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